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that's a wrap #christmasstyle

Courtenay Henderson

I love Christmas. I usually like to put my Christmas decor up in early November. I love how a Christmas tree and garland instantly make any space feel warm and cozy. There is nothing like enjoying a moment with Christmas treats, a coffee and all those twinkling lights. Ahh... Glory.

This year I decided that my gifts would be part of the decor. I've pretty much been shopping for gifts since the summer time so I had them all ready to go as soon as my house was ready. In true Courtenay fashion, my decorations are all neutral. Shocker! I definitely add a lot of sparkly things, but in my opinion glitter and metallics fall in the neutral category. Clearly all that fun, bright and busy wrapping paper wasn't going to fit into my theme so I thought of something else to wrap with.

Brown paper. Neutrals, for the win!

I bought two rolls of brown paper for all my wrapping and then used twine, kitchen string and glitter ribbon to spice it up. The brown paper was so inexpensive, I paid $8 for both and have almost a whole roll left. The only downside to the paper is that it's very thick. Wrapping things in a box was ok, but trying to wrap items without a box was a struggle. I feel like that's why the song says, "brown paper packages, tied up with string". You need that string, tape doesn't cut it. 


Initially I was thinking I would draw a different shape on everybody's gifts, like little polka dots, arrows, hearts etc. But let's be honest- it was too much work.

Enter my friend, Erica. She does a Christmas tags class every year where she helps you to create beautiful tags for your gifts. I love the tags, but I hate the work.  Her tags are works of art, and she loves teaching and creating new ideas and designs for people. I like to go for the conversation, cookies and friends #priorities. This year I decided I would go but not participate in the actual class. But I did, and I'm so glad because my tags really added to my gift wrap. They only took me about 25-20 min total to make which left lots of time for sipping hot cocoa and cracking jokes. 

I'm super happy with how it all turned out and I would definitely do this again next year.

Erica posted step by step instructions on how we made the tags. Check it out on her blog: For the (heart) of Stamping 

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and some serious quality time with the ones you love.



My Hip Life

Courtenay Henderson

What's up with The Hip Life? I guess it started over five years ago when I discovered I was "sensitive" to many different foods. Foods that were my staples in life, you know, like cheese, bread, milk, coffee... I was tested and put on an extremely strict diet to help reset my system. The diet not only reset my system, it reset my way of thinking.

Before getting tested I never had to question where my food came from or stop and think about what I was going to eat before I ate it. I had to ask so many questions, “Are there eggs in that?” “Is that gluten free?” “Does that have soy in it?!” “Is that organic?” That last question is my favourite. Mostly because I had no idea what organic even meant but somehow it weaselled its way into my vocabulary.

It’s sort of become a slippery slope since then. The more I learn, the more I want to change and the more I change the more I become a hippy. Just kidding. I'm dragging all my loved ones along for the ride. If I've ever talked to you about coconut oil, you know I love you. My husband just shakes his head and says, “hippy life” every time I tell him we should change something or I find something else to make and put into a mason jar. It’s sort of become our catch phrase.

When I first discovered all this stuff I felt so trapped and like, "See ya never, you beautiful buttery french pastries." It was so overwhelming and sad at the time but it's caused me to question, research and get creative. It's not all bad.

This has become my life, my hip(py) life.

I've just embraced it and I really do love it. Just like I love shoes, trends, and traveling. They've all got their place in this hip life.