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The Hip Life




Courtenay Henderson

I always have this wonderful idea in my head of Norrie and I at some super swanky NYE party, all dressed up, eating bite sized hors d'oeurves and sipping fancy cocktails. Someone is there at the door to take our coats, and hand us a welcome drink. Then we mingle with people and tell jokes, the kind of jokes that make you tilt your head back and laugh in amusement. And then there would be dancing- so much dancing!! Just like one of those parties that Holly Golightly would have thrown in Breakfast at Tiffany's. What a life!


Our reality: Staying up late is hard.

But I will look awesome until I fall asleep at 10:29 tonight.

I have been loving the jumpsuit. They are so easy to dress up or down and it's already a complete outfit. I got this little jumpsuit from H&M kids, yes kids, for under $20. It's full of New Years glitz and glam and it feels like I'm wearing pyjamas. #winning



I also decided to keep the hair simple this year. I just curled it with a curling wand, and threw it up into a ponytail. I think it looks sleek and it's definitely not too fussy. Add a little hair spray and you're good to go! 


We will be celebrating by cooking a huge meal with friends, playing games and hanging out. It's become one of our favourite traditions and we don't have to wait forever for food or book months in advance to get a spot at their table ;)

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Welcome, 2016!  



photos by Leah Jones @_featherandink