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We be travelin'

Courtenay Henderson

Happy weekend!


My pastor says: You can tell what people value by where they spend their time and money.

Love that! For us, we save up for trips and like to spend our free time traveling and exploring.

There is just something that I find so fascinating and exciting about other places. Probably because I have a wild imagination and I start dreaming up all sorts of scenarios where I'm from a far off place, and I speak at least 10 languages and take the train with my squad to get fresh veggies from various markets and then visit a million coffee shops where the people all know my name and order. That's clearly just one scene, but it's a good one. And actually... it's not all that different from my normal life (minus the language thing).

My husband and I love to travel- surprise! We usually try to get away once a year, although it's worked out be more like two or three times a year in the short time we've been married. Every year I think, 'This year we probably won't go anywhere' but here we are. We've been really fortunate in that we've been able to see a lot of places together in the past two and a half years. This year, I'm on maternity leave so we planned a few trips and added a spontaneous one to the UK-- thank-you WestJet for your seat sale.

First up: A roadtrip to Southern California.

A road trip with a baby? Are you crazy!? Maybe. Our babe is almost 9 months old and loves to crawl and stand and get into everything. She's an active child. That was probably my main concern with strapping her into a carseat for the better part of 3 days. She wouldn't be able to get her wiggles out and/or she would sleep all day and be up all night which is pretty much my worst nightmare. I need my sleep, like, real bad.

Turns out she was a champ. We did learn a few things on our first long road trip with a baby though. Here are a few things that helped us:

  1. Music: Moms like it. Dads like it. Babies like it! It makes the trip go by quicker, gives it a soundtrack for memories later and I mean, who doesn't like a good old fashioned singalong? I also learned something new about the hubs... He loves Elton John. Who knew?
  2. Scheduled stops: I'm kind of the 'let's just push through-no bathroom breaks-don't drink too much water-go until we run out of gas' type of road tripper. It's been hard for me to change my way of thinking after having a baby, but babies can't go 6 hours with no stops. We stopped every 3-4 hours depending on how the babe was doing. It was good for all of us to get out, stretch our legs, and get some fresh air. The stops weren't super long but it helped to break up the trip and enjoy our little journey, not just the final destination.
  3. Snacks: Road trip food is a big deal! Normally, we gravitate to junk food but the hubs actually requested that I make some healthy food for our trip, "like quinoa or something." I made muffins, trail mix (with M&M's because, vacation) and granola bars. It helped having healthy options ready for our tummies and also for our budget! London also ate rice crackers, which kept her entertained and happy.

Our road trip was not without its bumps (for example: Mom and Dad getting the stomach flu) but overall it was really successful. I would definitely recommend it! Plus the car does magical things for nap times, just sayin.