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The Hip Life



5 for 25

Courtenay Henderson

Well, here we are.


It's clearly time we all start our no-sugar, no-gluten cleanses, start taking our sups and head to the gym to work on our bench press and while we're at it, drop those "last 10 pounds." Am I right? 

All joking aside, the new year is the perfect time to implement some new goals or lifestyle changes. It is a new beginning and a clean slate. Leave those failures in the past and move onwards and upwards!

This little workout regime will not take hours out of your day but it will help kickstart a routine. 5-10 minutes is all you really need and my hope is after you complete these 25 days it will create a healthy habit. Push yourself and get some exercise into your day!

5 exercises for 25 days:

  1. Wall sit (1 min)
  2. Tricep dips (25 reps)
  3. Squats or jump squats (25 reps)
  4. Push ups (25 reps)
  5. Burpees (25 reps)

No equipment necessary! Stay at home and work it out. Take breaks if and when you need to, add an extra set if you're feeling spicy, take out or add in cardio (ex. squats- no cardio, jump squats- cardio, 30 sec plank-no cardio or burpees-cardio)

Who's with me?