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The Hip Life is a lifestyle blog and a place to share my thoughts, projects, recipes, trends, workouts and travels. I haven't been able to pick just one thing I'm passionate about in life, so this will be a central place to keep track of all the things I've got my hands in.


Here are a few random facts about me:

1. I had a little euro accent as a child

2. I love to create movement

3. I love burpees but hate running

4. Popcorn is my favorite food

5. I like to take classic family recipes and change them so they're healthy and nostalgic (ex Hamburger Helper)

6. My husband and I want to see the world and share a serious love for adventure and exploring

7. My favorite movie is Home Alone

8. I'm a verbal processor

9. I make up songs on the daily about everyday tasks. Ask me about my coffee grounds song- it's a crowd pleaser.

10. Biggie Smalls is my home boy

11. Car dancing is my specialty

12. I am notorious for having a billion things on my plate and I enjoy trying (and sometimes failing) to accomplish them

13. Sometimes I do wedding make-up

14. I often get asked if I'm part east Indian- my accent is flawless

15. I use coconut oil like the dad on My Big Fat Greek Wedding uses Windex

16. I love to make people laugh, and I laugh the hardest when someone repeats a joke I made.